Text of Presentation by Attorney Cory Briggs to San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Club

You can read the text of the presentation made this morning by attorney Cory Briggs to the San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Club concerning the proposed convention center expansion, Tourism Marketing District, and Mission Valley here: Rotary_Speech_2015-07-08_FINAL_WP.


One thought on “Text of Presentation by Attorney Cory Briggs to San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Club

  1. John Schlosser

    Dear Mr. Briggs,

    As residents of a low-rise condo building in the Marina District of downtown San Diego, my spouse and I completely support your position that the Navy Broadway complex to be developed by Doug Manchester should not be built. We live only a few blocks from the waterfront and will feel walled off from the Bay if this massive, eight-block development featuring four tall buildings goes through. Already we can see the large crane erecting the new Bosa “Gateway” high-rise condo just across the street from the Navy complex at Pacific Coast Highway and Broadway. At the pace high-rise development on the waterfront is going, it will literally blot out much of the sky to the west of our location. We’re also concerned that the feeling of community that includes our neighborhood and the waterfront that we now enjoy will be lost. With the Port of San Diego reportedly planning to raze the low-rise cottages of Seaport Village and build a high-end shopping mall in its place, the sense of accessibility to the waterfront that our community now enjoys will be further damaged.

    Although we like Ms. Randa Coniglio personally and admire her ascent to become head of the Port, there is something a bit worrisome about a real estate specialist (as Ms. Coniglio is by background) being the President and CEO of the Port, which after all is supposed to balance commercial, harbor/shipping, environmental and other interests in and along the Bay. While the Port has done good work creating parks and other recreational areas on the land it controls, it appears that the goal enlarging the Port’s budget and the City’s tax base by approving high-end. high-rise developments on the water’s edge is currently preeminent.

    We welcome and support your continuing efforts to resist and defeat this kind of runaway development of the waterfront and to protect full community access to San Diego Bay.


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