Memorandum of Understanding with San Diego Unified Port District for Analysis of Equal-Footing Alternatives under CEQA

In 2010, the San Diego Navy Broadway Complex Coalition, the San Diego Unified Port District, and Lane Field San Diego Developers, LLC, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that settled their dispute over the elimination of an oval park at the intersection of Harbor Drive and Broadway in downtown San Diego, at the foot of Broadway Pier. This is the settlement that resulted in the creation of the park that recently opened at the northeast corner of Harbor Drive and Broadway.

Section 1-D of the MoU (page 4) requires the Port to study two specific alternatives, which would provide for park space between Hawthorne and B Street, as part of its environmental analysis of the proposed Phase 2 Port Master Plan Amendment for the North Embarcadero on equal footing with the principal proposal to be put forward by the port.

You can read the MoU here: 2010-11-09_MOU.


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